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Apple Is About to Plunge Into The Crypto Pool With ‘Alternative Payments’ Providers

Apple recently listed a job posting for a “Business Development Manager — Alternative Payments.” The job listing was posted on May 26, 2021, as spotted by CoinDesk.

The job description required a candidate to “Lead the partnership program with key players in the Alternative Payments ecosystem, covering the complete process of partner identification, business case development and socialization, partnership negotiation, contract signing and execution, go to market launch and continued partnership value growth.”

The description did not point out any specific products or deals that Apple would be indulging in, but it did highlight some alternative payment methods that Apple is interested in. More than five years of experience required in Digital wallets, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), fast payments, and cryptocurrency do show what Apple is looking forward to.

However, this job posting does not mean that Apple is about to launch its own cryptocurrency anytime soon, like Facebook Diem. Although Apple’s CEO Tim Cook publicly discussed the vision of a world with no physical cash and digital payments only, he shunned down the idea of private groups launching their own currencies.

In 2019, an Apple Pay Executive stated that Apple sees a ‘long-term potential’ in cryptocurrency. Still, it isn’t currently focused on that. Nevertheless, Apple taking an interest in crypto is evident with the new job posting, and it would back up the entire crypto concept.

Although not for the launch of its own currency, the new position in Apple might lead to new features that allow crypto as a payment method on the App Store or a Digital Wallet app that would allow iPhone users to save their digital currencies. It might also launch Apps that will enable users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Whatever it may be, Apple is clearly marking its way into the crypto market.

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